Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tell Me About It Tuesday - My Favorite Halloween Candy

Of course - Halloween is right around the corner and everyone knows that means Halloween candy! I even heard on the radio this morning - talks about which percent of parents will rifle through their children's Halloween loot.
It was 90 by the way - 90 percent of parents will dig into their children's Halloween candy. Honestly - I thought it would be more!
Anyhow - I love when Halloween candy comes out, because I can finally get those little peanut butter kisses that I love so much. They are very cheap at anywhere from $1-$2 per bag.

They are little mild molasses flavored taffy pockets with peanut butter centers. They are wrapped in black and orange wax paper and they are simply delcious!

I had to stop by the dollar store last week and picked up 2 bags of these things while I was there. They are so hard to resist! I wound up splitting up the bags into little goody/candy bags and only left myself with about 10 of these. It's safer that way!

What's your favorite Halloween candy?


Amanda said...

I did not know that you liked these! I will so have to keep that in mind! Glad we're still doing this together!

Tamara said...

My favorite Halloween candy are the reeses pumpkins! I used to look forward to Halloween just for them, but now they have those peanut butter lovers reeses all year. But RIGHT when the Halloween candy comes out they are so fresh. Yummy. I wish I had one right now

Joy in the Journey! said...

EWWWWW - I promise if the children get any of those things I will save them for you - I usually throw them away!!

I like the pumpkins. Pure sugar, pure junk but yum!

A close second is any mini-bar :)