Friday, December 3, 2010

Shorebreak Hotel

I'm in California for work so we've been busy, but I wanted to show off my hotel room because it is wonderful and I borrowed a couple of pictures I found online, so you guys can have an idea of where I'm at...

The Shorebreak Hotel on Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach, CA

This is the lobby of the hotel. It's a surfer hot spot. All weekend long, we've met surfers and seen their wet feet prints and sand in the elevator and in the lobby. It's kind of cool, really.

This is to the side of the lobby - going out to the terrace. They have large sliding glass doors that they open when the weather is nice and you can set outside. They have all kinds of benches, chairs, cushions and large fire pits.

Walking into the hotel room. That's what I call the "Man Lamp".

Didn't watch anything but the news while getting ready, but a big flat screen tv is always nice!
This bed doesn't look like much, but I assure you - looks can be deceiving! It was pure Heaven. It really felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. The bean bags at the end of the bed are a nice touch too! Really comfy!
The bathroom vanity - where the "magic" happens. I assure you - I don't wake up looking too cute every morning. I spent plenty of time standing right here.

Ok, now this was a little weird at first. That piece of glass is all there is - no door, no curtain - just an open entry into the shower. I was positive that water was going to be all over the floor and I would fall and crack my head open and housekeeping would get more than they bargained for when they came to clean my room. But, the people that designed it knew what they were doing and even though I sat in the bottom of the shower and shaved my legs and then stood up and took a shower - no water was anywhere other than the shower. It was pretty cool. I do have to tell you that the shower is directly across from the bathroom door and directly across from the door (in the entryway) was a full length mirror. That was not the best idea the hotel ever had! You had to make sure that you closed the bathroom cause that was not a pretty site first thing in the morning! Anyhow - just wanted to give you an idea of where I was at and what I was enjoying! It's been nice to get away for a few days but I'm missing my babies and I'm ready to get home! Later Dudes!

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Amanda said...

Oh, WOW!! I love the hotel! I would love to have been able to go with you! Looks like they had ya'll staying in style!