Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tell Me About It Tuesday - My Favorite Dressy Outfit

I'm totally a jeans girl, or a pants girl - I'm not big on dresses. I like dresses, I find cute dresses all the time - I just don't think that they look cute on me, so I tend to stay away from them. But year before last (Christmas of 2009), I decided to buy a dress for our company Christmas dinner.

I went to Dress Barn and tried on all kinds of dresses until I found one that I just absolutely loved.
I actually started not to try it on at all, because it's one of those tiered dresses that looks like it's going to make you look about 50 pounds heavier, but it was suprisingly flattering and wound up being the dress I took home.
When we went to California this year for a corporate Christmas party, I decided to wear it again, since none of the people going had seen it (or remembered it), and luckily it still fit, so it wound up being a win/win.
The first year I wore it and again last year (2010) - I got SO MANY compliments on it. I hate to wear it again this year, but I'll have to find some place to wear it. It's comfortable and dressy and I can wear a regular bra with it (score)!
It's a light goldish bronze color satin, topped with a soft black lace and has a tiered black bottom.

This is the only picture I have of myself in it. I was at the Christmas party in California.

What's your favorite dressy outfit?


Kellie Staats said...

Love it!!!! You look hot in that outfit :)

Amanda said...

Oh, that dress is absolutely beautiful on you!! I think it's a great choice!

Melissa Miller said...

You look so pretty!

sarah said...

This dress is fab!

Anonymous said...

sassy! :)

I love my simple black dress with my HOT pink scarf I got in india!