Monday, April 4, 2011

The Island of Misfit Toys

A couple of months ago, I thought that Coco was getting a little out of control with her toys, so I used one of the baskets that I had from Christmas goodies, to put her toys in. I leave it out, by the fireplace so that she can get to them if she wants, but when she isn't playing with them - they can be put up.
It's a nice thought, isn't it?
It doesn't exactly work like that. Much to my dismay, she watches me pick up all the toys (day in and day out), and then waits a few minutes and goes to the basket and starts dragging them all out.
I feel like we live on The Island of Misfit Toys.

This is what our living room looks like, most every evening. You can see the almost empty basket in the corner!
This one USED to have stuffing!

This one USED to have an arm, an un-broken neck and a little Santa hat!
*Just a side note, the little Santa hat mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared a couple of days later inside Darren's shoe!*

This one USED to have a nose!

Much to Coco's dismay - this one is still in one piece. You can tell she's been hard at work though!

This is her newest toy. I picked it up for her on Saturday since we're getting into Spring and close to Easter. I thought it was cute! About 2 minutes after I gave it to her, she had it pinned down and it's whole beak in her mouth so I don't think this one stands a chance! It will be right at home on The Island!


Tamara said...

Just wait until the baby is born! I can barely walk in my living room... There is a pack and play, a high chair, play gym, blanket spread out on the floor (which he has rolled off of), a bouncy seat, a bumbo and a jumper. There is also assorted toys strewn about. And Maverick does the same thing- watches me put them up and he never helps :-)

kimberly dyan said...

i was gonna say what Tamara said--wait until the baby gets here! It doesn't stop as a baby though. Alex is 8 and loves to spread his toys all over the living room. It's an ordeal everyday to get him to put them away. At least I can threaten to take away the TV if he doesn't clean them up!

I can't wait to hear what the gender of your little munchkin is. Keep us all updated! :)

Whitney and Quincy said...

This is so funny because it reminds me exactly of my fiance and my house, we have three dogs, and we also got a baket to keep their toys in, and as soon as we pick them all up, our dog Aj tips the basket over and gets them all back out! He is a "toy hoarder" and gets all his toys out of the basket and into his bed so that our other two dogs can't get them. He has serious sharing issues.

Amanda said...

I totally agree with the others! Wait til the baby gets here! It will get bad!! LOL