Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Owl Treat Bags

I wanted to make a little "thank you" for the hostesses at Denver and my baby shower but was really unsure of what to make until I saw the cutest little owl treat bag online.
Isn't this adorable? Of course, I wanted to make just a regular (boy) owl since it's or a boy shower.
I bought a package of construction paper and a pack of brown lunch sacks - both from the dollar store.
Then I pulled up my Silhouette program and started making shapes to match the girly Owl bag. I started with eyes.
Then I moved to the chest area. It's easy to just make the first shape and copy & paste so that each bag is exactly alike.
Then I moved on to cutting little owl "feet". The Silhouette just cuts the paper, you remove the blank space and are left with the shapes you cut.
Then I made lots of triangles for the beak and the ears. I made them all the same size.
Then I took out a glue stick and started going to work. First the chest, then feet, then eyes and so on.
And this is "him" all put together. Isn't he adorable? I just folded over the top so that I could tape it closed. Tomorrow I'll share what I put in them!

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