Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Under The Weather

We stayed germ free for as long as we could but I think the colder weather & sick people at the store and germs from other children have finally gotten to Denver and he's not feeling very well. He got really fussy at the end of our Thanksgiving travels and so I thought something might be going on. Since then, he's been a bit congested and yesterday evening it sounded like it was moving into his chest. I called and made a Drs. appointment for him to go this morning.

All bundled up and on our way to our appointment!

Asleep in the Drs office. He did really well at the Dr! He loves looking around at all of the stuff hanging on the wall (He takes after his mom in that respect, I'm grown and I still mess with all the stuff before the Dr comes in)! They had to check the oxygen levels in his blood so they needed to use a monitor on his foot. The only problem is that Denver wasn't having any part of it. I think his feet are ticklish because he always curls his toes up and pulls his feet away when you rub on the bottom of them. Anyhow, he wouldn't his foot still so they decided to tape the monitor to him. That still didn't work so they got a nurse to hold his legs down, me keep him still and the Dr held the monitor and got the reading. Denver "talked" and smiled the whole time! His oxygen level was good and they figured out he has Bronchiolitis which can possibly get worse before it gets better but the Dr thinks we caught it early so he should be better before too long. The trip completely wore him out because he slept the whole way home & then for awhile in his carrier when he got home.

Seeing him sick and hearing that poor cough is heartbreaking!

He didn't seem to want to wake up so I just transferred him to his bouncer and let him continue to nap.

We have to do a breathing treatment every 4 hours until he starts getting better and then we can stretch it out some. Pray that my sweet boy gets better soon!

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