Saturday, June 16, 2012

Denver's 1st Haircut

Today we took Denver to Rooster's to get his first hair cut.  D and I have been arguing for months about when we were going to get it cut.  He wanted to wait until he was a year old and it's been driving me insane for months - it had gotten way too long and was just looking "unkept".

We finally agreed that he was ready for his first hair cut.  We asked his Papa if he wanted to go with him to get it done.  Papa was excited to take him.  :)

Denver was so interested in what was going on.

He did SO well.  His mom & dad are so proud!  He acted like such a big boy.

He wasn't thrilled with having his face held, but he was a trooper!

This picture makes me laugh out loud!  Look at those eyes - he wanted to know what was going on so badly!

Three generations of Fountains!

Even the clippers didn't bother him!  He's such a good boy!

Look how stinkin' cute!  He looks so grown up now, which makes me sad but the new hair cut is so adorable!

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