Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sippy Cup, Oh Sippy Cup

The Easter Bunny brought Denver a couple of sippy cups.  One he wouldn't touch at all and the other he was obsessed with - for a whole day.  After that, he wouldn't touch it.  I've brought it out every couple of days to try to get him to use it again and he refuses.  Recently, he's gotten into drinking water (finally) from a big person cup.  If you help him - he loves to drink it like that. 

The other day, I was fixing him some water and thought "let me try one of these other cups in the cabinet" and picked up one of those take n toss cups.  And ta-da... we finally found a cup that he'll drink out of.  I'm not sure if it's because it has a soft spout or if it's because it's not spill-proof so water comes out and we realized he needs to suck on the spout or what but he likes it.

Today, he had some cheese ravioli for lunch and I just sat his cup down to see what he would do.

He had a couple technical difficulties.

Then he figured it out by himself!  Way to go Denver!!!

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