Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creatures of Habit

I sometimes wish I was this free-spirited, spontaneous woman that went whichever way the wind blew – you know, like so many other people are. Not. The movies and television make spontaneity this grand idea that everyone is partaking in (except you). This morning, on the way to work – it suddenly hit me – we are ALL creatures of habit. Whether you want to admit it or not – we are. As I drive to work, traveling down the same roads, at the same time, in the same car – every day, I have become “familiar” with my fellow road-inhabitants. I “go to work” with the same people every morning, and although they aren’t the same people I come home with, I do come home with the same people most every evening. It’s funny to realize that you are running late, or someone in your “group” is running late – when you don’t see all of the same people (doing all of the same things) as you do every other day. This morning, as I sat at a red light (the same one I sit at every morning) – I start looking around and notice that all the people around me are doing the same things they do EVERY SINGLE DAY. The guy in a red dodge neon, working on his crossword (in pen, I might add); the man in the silver Mercedes, pulling out of Starbucks, just like he does every morning; the girl in the big black ford truck, reading a book; the young girl in the mustang that looks like she should be in high school, putting on her make-up; the couple in the minivan, behind me, laughing and talking as usual and me – people watching! Isn’t it funny? I don’t know why I thought it was so humorous, but I see these same people, every work day, at the same time, on the same street, doing the EXACT SAME THING! I suppose spontaneity isn’t all its cracked up to be!

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Anonymous said...

I had a whole stupid comment typed up and I don't know what happened to it. Stupid thing.

Very inciteful Auntie M. I have never thought about it though, but guess what I will be doing as I head out tomorrow. Observing those around me and thinking about this post.