Thursday, February 19, 2009

Product Review - Method

Last year, a dear friend of mine introduced me to Method products. And I use the term “introduce” loosely. She could single handedly, run their marketing campaign and I really think they should be paying her something for all of her word-of-mouth reviews. Partly just to tell her that I tried them, I gave in thinking I will wince when I go to check out and the products are more expensive and I will go back to my works-just-as-well-and-it’s-a-lot-cheaper products. I was wrong! I’m in love. Don’t get me wrong, I would still love for the products to be cheaper, but these are really great products that are made with naturally derived surfactants, so they are safe for your family. There are no chemicals and dangerous toxins so that means – they are 100% safe for your children and your pets. (Moms, this means that your kids can help you clean and you don’t have to worry about them inhaling or ingesting anything that will hurt them)! Method’s cleaning formulas contain biodegradable ingredients derived from natural materials like soy, coconut and palm oils and their product packaging is made from the most readily recyclable materials. The CO2 emissions from their employee’s commute and travel to work, are offset with carbon credits and the energy used in their manufacturing sites and offices are from renewable energy credits. They never test products on animals, which is big in my book! They have the neatest packaging designs – they design art, not just cleaners and best of all – they have some really great scents. They mimic scents of flowers, fruits and herbs so your house smells fresh and natural, and not like chemicals. I thought that Darren would flip out that I was paying more for something that I was already getting, cheaper but he listened to all the great things about them, and decided that we would give a few things a try. I loaded him up in the car and we ran over to our local Target (they only place I have found Method products, besides the internet). We walked into the cleaning aisle and he said “we should try this one” and “ooh, we should try that one” and before you know it – I had half a basket full of Method products! Some things I have noticed while using them? They smell great! Seriously! They don’t bother Darren’s allergies, like other products I was using. I am not a psycho about locking the dog outside to make sure everything dries before she gets inside. My laundry is really clean and fresh! I have big issues with laundry detergent (and soap) irritating my skin. I get all red and itchy when I use fragranced soaps and detergents so I was REALLY leery about trying a new detergent, but guess what? It’s fabulous! Honestly! I pay $14.99 for a container of detergent that will wash 64 loads (not much of a price difference from Tide) and I won’t buy any other kind of detergent – I am hooked! Here are some of the products that I am using: hand soap (I like the Go Naked and Darren likes the Cucumber); hand sanitizer (I'm using Sweet Water); dishwasher tabs; daily shower spray; toilet bowl cleaner; wood cleaner; air freshener; scented plug ins; dryer sheets; and my absolute favorite... their laundry detergent. They even have baby laundry detergent if you want the "green" version of Dreft. The same dear friend that introduced me to these products, recently had a new baby. As a small gift, I headed over to Babys R Us and bought their Method Baby Gift Set. She reviewed the gift set on her blog, last month. Give them a try! You'll love them, as much as I do, I'm sure!!

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Anonymous said...

Stupid thing, I have now tried to comment 3 times. . .hopefully it will go through.

I admit I haven't tried their toilet bowl cleaner, but now I will. I am so glad that you are enjoying their products, they are fantastic.

They don't have to pay me with money.. . I would take products!