Thursday, September 10, 2009

Furry Friends

Last week, while Darren was outside playing with Coco, he said that the dog in that yard behind us finally realized that Coco was her neighbor. We brought Coco home in December and both Coco and Lacy just realized each other last week! Attentive, huh? Ever since they realized each other, they spend most of their evenings, harrassing each other through the fence. Let me re-phrase that. Coco spends most of her evening harrassing Lacy and Lacy spends her evening barking at Coco. Lacy runs up and down the fence, trying to get to Coco and Coco runs up and down the fence away from Lacy. Every so often she will lay down and press up against the fence, just to torment her. She never barks or growls, she just jumps around and keeps running up and down the fence. She hops around and you can tell that she is completely amusing herself, by picking on Lacy.

Here is Lacy, trying to find Coco. See that little nose?

Coco realizes that Lacy is there, and then proceeds to tease her!

You can see some of the things that we have put up, trying to block some of the holes that they have made, trying to get to each other.

Coco will put her little nose up against the fence, and just hold it there. She won't move or make noise.

She will sit there forever and Lacy barks and barks and barks! When I open the door and call for her, she turns around and tilts her head as to say "she is making all this noise mom, and I don't know why - I'm not doing anything"

Needless to say, Coco is very excited about her new furry little friend.

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Amanda said...

Too funny!! They've made friends!