Friday, November 12, 2010

Third Frame Is Finished

I wanted a different look for the third frame so I spray painted it black and then went with more neutral paper.

I found paper that looked like burlap, and cut it down to the exact size of the picture frame.

The black frame really brings out the hints of black in the paper, doesn't it?

I took a picture (courtesy of Matthews Photography in Center, TX) and matted it with some black card stock.

Then I used spray adhesive to attach the mat to the burlap paper.

I wound up finding some "rub on" words that I really liked, in black.
You just lay down what you want to transfer, rub it with a popsicle stick and it the color rubs off onto your paper.

And it comes out like this.

And this is it, all done.

And with the other frames. It's a lot different than the others, but I really like it. What do you think?

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Amanda said...

They really, really look great!! I am so going to sneak some of your ideas!! (And, thanks for the credit on the picture! ;)