Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Fountain's Heartbeat at 14 Weeks

Please be patient with me while I learn how to make these little "videos" of Baby Fountain. As you can see (and hear), I'm not very good at it, but I'll get the hang of it before too long (this was the first time I have used Windows Move Maker - I didn't even know that I had it on my computer to be honest with you).

We hadn't listened to the baby's heartbeat since the first time over a week ago, so D and I both wanted to see if we could find the baby tonight. It took less than a minute to find the little munchkin, which was exciting. We're not sure but we think that when the heartbeat gets quiet the baby is moving. D normally holds the monitor and I just hold the wand - I'm really careful about not moving a muscle, other than to breathe, so that's the only explanation we have for why it goes in and out. We already know that our little one is a mover and a shaker so we can only imagine what he/she is doing in there!

This is still the sweetest sound to me! You can't really tell on the recording but in person, it seems so much stronger than what it was just a little over a week ago. It's so exciting hearing that change!

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Amanda said...

I really love being able to hear the baby's heartbeat too!! I'm so glad that there is a way that you can share that wonderful sound!!