Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was nice - we were able to spend some time with my family, and get some stuff done around the house, which is always nice. Friday evening we met my family in Waller and ate Mexican food before D left for work. It was nice getting to visit with everyone and the food was good, so it was a nice evening. Saturday, I slept in. D was already home when I woke up but he said "if you were still asleep, I figured you were tired and didn't want to wake you". We piddled around the house some and I went and made a bow:

I was pleased with how it turned out. I just wish I would have had the "bow bug" and had it made before the rodeo was over!

We both got ready and he headed off to a photography class that he signed up for and I headed off to the ball park for my nephew, Matthew's first t-ball game. It was fun and those little ones are so cute to watch! They kept score for part of the game but I then quit about halfway through. I'm not sure what that was all about, but Matt's team won. Not that it's a big deal when you're 5 - I don't think any of them paid much attention to that anyway.
I left there to run errands - and realized how hot its getting already! Oh Lord, I am in for something else when I'm 8 months pregnant in August! I'm going to be miserable! I had to go get some make-up and perfume and oh how I hate going to the mall these days. I quickly ran in and out and was on my way in less than half an hour. I made it to the pet store to get dog food and a new toy for Coco (pictures to come soon) and head home and back into the a/c as quickly as I could.
I sat down to chill out and started to doze off and just then - D called to tell me he was on his way home. The man has killer timing! I got up and cooked a big/southern meal for my man. I made grilled pork chops, buttered potatoes, okra & tomatoes and cornbread. He was a happy camper when he walked in the door! We enjoyed a nice, quiet evening together and then Sunday - it was time for chores. We caught up on our Netflix, then worked on laundry, picking up the kitchen and putting dishes away, mowing and weed eating, sweeping the porch, etc.
All in all, it was a nice, productive weekend. How was yours?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new bow, super cute :)

I had a nice little weekend. Did a Girls Night Saturday. (Hobby Lobby & Bed Bath & Beyond were on our LIST - LOL - that's what you have to look forward after haveing kids :D)It was alot of fun though & we missed Church on Sunday :( I was just to sleepy [not going to bed til after 1 & the baby waking @ 6 for a bottle)

This week we have a ton of plans (being Spring Break) but I think tomorrow we will be staying home and cleaning :)


Amanda said...

Sounds like a Wonderful weekend! And, I LOVE the bow!