Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ok, so now - I'm slightly addicted to ribbon. Well, probably not slightly! :) I now look at ribbon everywhere I go and I just recently discovered some wonderful places that I can order ribbon online. I found some of the cutest things online this week, so I had to stock up! These are a couple of things that I'm waiting for:
Cute strawberry and flower ribbon for Spring!
And a Strawberry to put in the middle of the bow!
Cute cupcake ribbon!
And a cupcake to put in the middle of the bow. Isn't this adorable?
I can't wait to get this stuff in and see how the bows turn out!


Elizabeth Combs said...

So stinkin' cute Morgan!! You better have a girl....or a boy that gets a girlfriend immediately after birth....I'll Bee waiting to hear :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not brave enough to order ribbon online [just yet] I do ALL my shopping at Hobby Lobby. Can't wait to see what make :)


Heather said...

SO cute! I hope you are having a girl!

Amanda said...

I LOVE those materials!!