Thursday, October 28, 2010

Second Frame - In Progress

I started the second (red) frame thinking that I wanted the same color scheme as the first one, but I didn't want it to be exactly the same so I decided to use blue bandana print paper instead of the denim and I used the black cardstock on the inside, instead of the outside as a border. I measured everything and cut it all out and then used spray adhesive to adhere everything. Then, I decided instead of brads, I was going to use eyelets. Just like the ones that I had used when putting the sign-in book together.

I wanted these to be exact, so I measured every inch and made a mark.

Then I gathered enough eyelets for each side of the "frame".
Just in case you don't know how to set an eyelet, it's very easy.
You position the eyelet where you want it to be (use a cushioned mat or magazine or something underneath so that you don't mess up your table), and then you use a small crafting/scrapbooking hammer to punch it through the paper.
Then you use an eyelet setter, to open up the back of the eyelet, which secures it in place. This is a close up of the setter. You can get the hammer and the setter at any store that sells scrapbooking supplies. They are pretty inexpensive.
You just put the point of the eyelet setter in the middle of the eyelet back and then tap the setter with the hammer a time or two. It will open the back of the eyelet, and it will look like the above picture.

I went all the way down one side, tapping all of them into place and then turning it over to secure all of them. I repeated this step for each side of the paper, until I had gone completely around it.

This is what it looked like once I got them all set. Then, I decided to take some of the Real Leather Craft Lace that I used on the nursery letters, to "thread" through the eyelets.
And this is once I got it completely threaded and tied off in the back.

I placed it in the frame, just to see if I liked where it was going, and I did. Now, I have to finish (or start for that matter) what's going in the middle and I'll post again to show you how it turned out. I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming together though.

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Amanda said...

I really like that! The frames are really turning out good!!