Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tell Me About It Tuesday - My Pet

I had been begging D for a dog for a long time (like 2½ years) before he FINALLY gave in and agreed to get one. We did lots and lots of research on which type of dog would be best for our family and what kind would cause the least amount of havoc to his allergies and we finally settled on a miniature schnauzer. I asked for one for Christmas, and then D and I started the search. We looked all over Texas, at Schanuzer rescues, at the pound and many places online before we finally found what we were looking for - baby minis. We actually put a deposit down on her when she was still in the womb. We had first pick of the litter and although we were originally looking for a male, settled for a female once the litter was born and all three puppies were female. He told us that we could get a refund or use that deposit towards another puppy but sometimes things happen for a reason, so we decided to go with a female. The breeder was north of Dallas, so we didn't want to drive up to pick her out, so he sent us 3 pictures (one of each puppy), at about a month old and said that we could pick whichever one we liked. We picked puppy "C" which happened to be the first born and biggest of the litter.

This is the picture that we chose from. How could you turn that face away? My heart just melted and I fell in love with her the moment that I saw her.

This is the day that I drove to Dallas and picked her up. She was eight weeks and 2 days old.
From the moment that Coco came into our lives, she has brought with her endless love and joy. D never had pets growing up, so he didn't realize how attached you can become.
She is just like our child - she is the center of our lives and definitely thinks she rules the roost. And most of the time - she does. So many people say that she won't get any attention when a two legged child comes along but I beg to differ. She is my first "child" and will be treated as such when we start having children. She might not get as much attention as she does now, but she will always be included and will always be showered with love and affection.
About a month ago, we were in Center and my mother-in-law was keeping the little girl that she babysits and it was getting ready to be her naptime. I picked her up and took her to the living room to rock her to sleep and Coco jumped up there with me. The little girl layed on one arm of the chair and Coco layed on the other and we all rocked together. She is so sweet and she adores children and she just wants to be included, so that's how things will be in the Fountain house. I have, never in my life met an animal with so much personality. She loves attention, to be hugged and kissed and loved on. She LOVES snuggling and being covered with blankets and she loves all the little clothes that I buy her. She will lift her litte legs up to help me get them on her and she will sometimes go and get her sweater and bring to you when she is chilly. She loves playing outside and chasing (and torturing) bugs. She eats pretty much anything that you give her other than mushrooms and strawberries. She tears up any toys that we bring her but will leave our stuff alone. She is so excited to see us when we get home that it makes any kind of day wonderful. She refuses to let you ignore her. She makes you pay attention to her. You can't help but love her!

She's a good car rider and loves to go see her Pops and Nana. She curls up in my lap and I cover the both of us with a blanket and she will lay down the whole trip. She just wants to be included when we stop for lunch or dinner. :)

She's a good eater and she loves her mama's cooking!

She is so nosey!

She loves to snuggle, especially when it's cold outside!

She loves her toys and playing! See how she ripped all the stuffing out of the star?
She's a good helper!

She's a little lady and loves her little clothes!

She loves to be outside and she loves following her "dad" around.

She is such a sweet girl!
Can't wait to read all about your pets!

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Amanda said...

Aww! We love Coco, too!! She is such a sweet puppy and is SOO good with Wesley!!