Tuesday, August 2, 2011

34 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights: How Far Along: 34 Weeks Size of baby: Large Cantaloupe (19 - 22" long, 5.5 pounds) Total Weight Gain/Loss: +11 pounds Maternity Clothes: I bought a cute black maternity dress for $10! Gender: It's a boy! Denver Ray Fountain Movement: He's been squirming around still, but more than anything I feel hiccups. He gets them 4-5 times a day. Sleep: I'm having a hard time getting comfortable, and I wake up a lot to potty and to roll over because my arms and legs go numb. What I miss: The occasional glass of wine or margarita! Cravings: Nothing really, but I've been eating a lot more sweets than I normally do! Symptoms: Sciatica on my right side and numbness in my left arm and my right leg. Best moment this week: Our baby shower! It was WONDERFUL! Only 6 more weeks (and only 3 more weeks until we're full term)!

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