Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Denver's Nursery

I finished Denver's nursery about a week ago and (finally) got around to taking some pictures. So, here they are (starting from the left side of his room and working our way around):

A sign for his bedroom door. It's a store bought metal sign from Hobby Lobby (half off for like $3). I added the vinyl and my mom bought this little owl and then added some "details" to it.

My Center Baby Shower Corsage that my sister in law made.

The left side of his book shelf. I found that frame at Ross for $4.99

The right side.

A friend of mine (and hostess at the Center shower) made us the picture frame with his ultrasound picture in it.

Here you can see the whole thing and the entrance to his room.

This wreath is on his closet door that my sister in law made. (I forgot to take pictures of his closet). Oh well, just know that it's full. :)

Another book shelf. It holds 2 more picture frames a friend of mine made, picture albums, 2 of his 3 piggy banks and just some little "forest" knicknacks.

This is the "wishing tree", that my mother made, sitting on top of that bookshelf. It was at the Waller shower and everyone was asked to leave a wish (on a leaf) for us. It's so sweet!

On the side of that bookshelf, I hung up my Waller baby shower corsage that my older sister made me.

To the side of that bookshelf is our glider and ottoman. I asked D's mother to make that blanket to hang over the back. Isn't it sweet?

This is all the little stuff on the table next to the glider.

And if you step back, this is what it looks like.

I made him a little toy bucket that sits beside that small table and his dresser. The first toy bucket wasn't big enough to hold everything he kept getting so I just spray painted another bucket (we received with bath stuff inside) and put "toys" on it with my Silhouette machine.

And this is the top of his dresser. I spray painted the white frame in the front. I had gotten it from the dollar store for just $1 :) The frame to the left, I got on clearance at Michael's for $6.99 and the frame on the right is a $3 frame from Wal-Mart. The plate I made this summer, the piggy bank was a gift from my little sister and the acorns and owl were decorations they used at the Waller shower, and were later given to us.

Stepping back, that's what his dresser looks like. My mother painted those little letters above the frame. On the other side of the dresser, I have his bouncer waiting for him. We'll be moving before too long so I decided not to paint or put up window coverings.

My mother bought him this cross that hangs on the wall to the side of his crib. My sister in law made him these sweet nursery letters that go above his crib. This is looking in his bed, on the left. I had my mother-in-law make his boppy pillow to match his nursery decor and D and I bought him his first little gloworm. The frog in the back is the stuffed animal D and I bought the day we found out Denver was a boy. It has an "It's a Boy" ribbon around his neck and when you press on him, you can hear Denver's heartbeat. Sitting with him is a bear a friend of ours gave him and the sweet little forest friends we bought him.
And stepping back, that is what his crib looks like. The sleigh -style sides don't allow the mobile to fit on the ends, so it has to sit in the front of his crib. The blankets and bumper are just for decoration. I'll be removing all of that and taking everything out of the crib when he starts sleeping in it (which will be a LONG time from now). :)
And in the corner, is his swing, the base to his bassinet (which I'll be putting in the living room), his diaper pail and then his changing table.
His changing table. Lots of goodies in each basket! :)
And the first toy bucket that I made him. :) And standing in his doorway, this is the best picture that I could get. This is his nursery. :) Now all we need is a little boy to arrive so we can use it!

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