Monday, August 8, 2011

Personalized Toy Bucket

The other day I had to run into the Dollar Store for something and as I was going in, a woman was coming out with these brightly colored plastic buckets and I immediately went and and forgot all about everything I was there to get and went in search of the buckets.
I bought a lime gree one, for $3 and just knew that I could do something for Denver's room with it.

I took it outside and spray painted it "Nutmeg" to go with his nursery colors.

I probably should have used spray paint that is made for plastic because you can see a few small bubbles on the lip of the bucket, but I used what I had beccause I'm cheap.

Then I got out my Silhouette machine and ivory vinyl and made a label for his new bucket.

And this is it in the floor of his room. I know it will only be useful for a short while because baby toys are only small for so long and since this picture the bucket is pretty much overflowing but the good thing about vinyl is that it can be scraped off and this can become a bucket for anything! I'm still working on putting everything up in his room and decorating. Hopefully I'll be done soon so I can post some pictures!

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