Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Month Stats


You are 5 months old!
You wear 3-6 and 6 month clothes.
You wear 6 month pajamas.
You are in a size 3 diaper.
You still love bath time!
You love to splash in the bathtub and get water all over the mirror.
When you are finished playing with toys in the tub, you just throw them over the side.
Just the other day, you tried to bail out of the bath tub head first.
You can't quite sit up on your own, but you love to sit propped up on the couch.
You just started eating oatmeal (with fruit) in the morning and you love it.
You get so excited at meal time.
You sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time and loved it.
Mom and Dad have given you a few table foods and you're very intrigued.
You love to sit in your bed and play with your toys.
You love for mom to read books to you.
You just learned how to blow raspberries.
You slept through the night once this month, but there haven't been any repeats.
You want mom to be where you can see her or hear her voice.
You are starting to be slow to warm up to people.
You have figured out the fake cough and the sympathy it gets you!
You've taken two naps in your bed, but you mostly just use your bed to play in.
Mom and Dad had to finally retire your bouncer, but Dad bought you a rocker to replace it.
You love to watch other kids play, and you are starting to try to interact with them.
You now grab onto people to get their attention - nothing is off limits... faces, hair, glasses, etc.
You have started screaming at the top of your lungs when you don't get your way.
Mom and Dad started teaching you "no" and the hand pop and you no longer scream.
You love going shopping with mom and looking at all the stuff in the stores. You never cry.
You have figured out how to wiggle out of your rocker so you have to be strapped in at all times. You don't like riding in the car at night and so we drive with the backseat light on.
You are such a happy baby but are showing us you have a temper.
You are becoming so active and it is so fun to watch!

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