Monday, February 27, 2012

A "Great" Visit

Today, my sister and I took Marleigh and Denver to meet two of their Great Aunts and a Great Uncle.

Denver fell asleep on the drive there and was a little startled when he woke up so he cried for a bit when we first got there but after 5 minutes or so he calmed down and was excited about checking out a new place and new faces.

He's very interested in seeing new things these days. He will lean and stretch and bend his little body to get a better view if he's trying to check something out.

It's so cute and sounds a lot like his mama, if I'm being completely honest. :)

Uncle Harry was so smitten with Marleigh! Denver sat with Aunt Carolyn for a long while, and Aunt Barbara shuffled between both of them to visit.

He stated at her forever, just checking her out!

After an hour or so we moved to the kitchen and visited while Aunt Carolyn fixed some lunch.

We could have left those babies with Uncle Harry all day - he was so in love!

My sweet boy just stared and stated at him!

Then, they were best buddies and spent most of the rest of the day together while us girls visited in the kitchen.

All in all, it was a great day and a great visit!

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