Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Driver

Denver can sit up for a bit by himself but not long enough to play. I don't want to hold him all day long - that's not good for either one of us but he gets very frustrated because he wants to be sitting up.

So, I got his boppy pillow out and put it around him and propped him up on the couch next to me so he could play on his own and I could fold some clothes.

I got out his little "driver" toy that Santa brought him for Christmas. It has lights & sound so he really likes it.

He entertained himself for about half an hour. I was very impressed with how long he played.

His attention span for things is getting longer everyday!

I love his expression! He is such a stinker! About 10 seconds after I snapped this picture, he mushed his toy off the couch to let me know he was "over" it!

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