Monday, March 21, 2011


Recently, I have seen all of these cute little girl hairbows EVERYWHERE. It seems like all the little girls are wearing them and everyone is making them and I just kept wondering "I wonder if I could make them"? So - this weekend - I set out to figure out how to make hairbows. I figured, if we find out that we're having a little girl, then I can keep them and if we find out we're having a little boy - I'll sell them. I'll probably try to sell some anyway, and re-coup the money that I'm spending on the bows that I make and keep (if it comes to that). I went to Hobby Lobby and thankfully - all of the ribbon was 50% off. Which is really good because I still wound up spending $80 on bow stuff! Lord, help me! Here are the ones that I made on Saturday while D was sleeping:

Aqua & Brown pigtail bows

Easter Egg bow
Ladybug Bow

I know it's early, but I just couldn't help it! Halloween Bow
What do you think? Do I have a future in the bow business?


rashelle said...

for those being your first bows, i would buy some. i love them. how much do you want to sell the easter one for?

Amanda said...

I love them ALL!! I would definitely buy each one if I had a girl!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you! :) They look GREAT. Always check out Hobby Lobby, they have been keeping their ribbon 50% for sometime now. Also, I look in the scrapbook department for "toppers" on my bows. I'm so happy for you!!! :)

Heather said...

For just learning how to make bows, those look great! You should do this professionally, or at least on the side to make a little extra money. :)