Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Little Blue Chair

The other day when I went to Wal-Mart I saw the cutest little mini adirondack chairs for only $5.

Denver and I checked them out and found a little blue one that we both decided he needed. :)

I've let him sit in it a couple of times and he thinks he is so cool! It makes me nervous because you can't strap him in and these days - we're in need of a restraint everywhere we go!

This afternoon, I let him sit in it for his afternoon snack and he was so tickled.

I just love those chubby legs!

This picture cracks me up and it is very indicative of how meal & snack time goes down at our house. Whenever Denver is eating - Coco is right there.
We now know that she likes puffs, Cheerios and arrowroot cookies!
Occasionally, he'll drop something and be trying to pick it up to finish his snack but she'll beat him to it and eat it before he can.

My cute boy!

He looks so chubby here - I could just squeeze him all day long!

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