Sunday, May 27, 2012

Punk Baby!

Denver's hair is getting SO long.  Like crazy, mullet looking long.  D and I have been arguing for a couple of months about when we are going to get his hair cut.  D wants to wait until he's a year old but I think he is LONG overdo for a haircut.  I don't want him looking "unkept" any more.  We shall see who wins this arguement.

Until then, I'm having fun harassing Denver about it.

We were having a low key day today so before bath time, I got out some hair gel and punked it out by standing it up some.  Denver and I both thought it was pretty funny.
Side view with his "pouty" lips!

This just cracks me up!  He is such a cutie (I'm a little biased) and he is such a fun kid!!!

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