Friday, January 23, 2009

My Baby is Getting So Big!

My little Coco is getting so big. Last weekend - we had to change out her collar with a bigger one! I just can't get over how much she has changed since we got her, almost two months ago. Here are some pictures that I took over the weekend. She had her first "grooming" on Saturday. I dropped her off at PetsMart for a bath, blowdry, hair cut, ear cleaning and nail trimming. She looked so cute and smelled so good when she got home, so I took some pictures: She loves playing with sticks. You cannot hide them - she is a scavenger and will find them and then sneak them in the house and shred it into a 100,000 little tiny slivers for me to vaccuum up! She loves to play in the grass, and by play in the grass, I mean root around and pull it up. She does not eat it - she just pulls it up! Despite her trying to look innocent - do you see the evidence on her nose?
She is just so cute and lovable!
I would call her name and she would look right at me, and then look away really fast before I could get a picture! The mongrel!

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