Wednesday, April 29, 2009


...on breakfast! Isn't this adorable? I got up on Sunday morning, and made homemade strawberry scones for my dear husband. And when I say "homemade" I clearly mean that I got this fabulous scone mix from Harry & David and mixed it right up - at my HOME. Anyhow, this is what I saw staring at me, the whole time I was getting breakfast together. They are so cute! Coco has to do everything her dad does! They sat there (I would like to think patiently) and waited until the scones were done, and I delivered Darren's plate to him. Coco then preceeded to get an attitude when she was not allowed to have any, or be on the furniture while her dad was eating! Oh well, maybe that face will actually get her something next time!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny!

I love your version of homemade. LOVE IT!