Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, just to let everyone know - Coco is fine and completely back to normal. What had her under the weather you ask? Fuzz! That's what we call "stuffing" in our house. Apparently, in her boredom she took torturing Piggy a bit further and ripped her head open, and ate the "stuffing". Darren went to get Coco from her crate one morning, and she was standing up, pressed against the door. Upon closer inspection, he realized that she was shaking and covered in poop. And so was her blanket. And toys. And the entire inside of her box! Darren wrapped her in an old towel and took her outside where she "exploded" again. He gave her a bath and cleaned out her box and washed her toys and blanket. When he was cleaning out her box, he realized that poop was filled with "fuzz". Apparently, piggy was paying her back, from the after life. All that fuzz certainly didn't agree with her. For the next three days, she continued to get sick from both ends. She layed around on a towel most of the time, unless she needed to get sick and thankfully, we made it outside, everytime! I called the vet and made an appointment, but I don't know if it was her fear of the Dr. or if all of that fuzz finally ran its course, but the morning of her appointment, she woke up completely fine. She ate and played and ran and snuggled with us - just like she normally does. I went ahead and cancelled her appointment but because I thought she might be faking, we kept an eagle eye on her the rest of the day and on into the next day. And to our relief, she was back to normal. And just so you know, Piggy's head is missing! We never found it in Coco's crate, and we never found it outside. We have made a conscious decision not to buy anymore plush toys for her because they don't stay plush long around this house!

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