Thursday, August 20, 2009

There's a New Fish In Town

Apparently, not even non-plush toys are safe in our house. Seriously -its like Coco is on a mission to single handedly destroy everything that we give her! You know these mean little kids at school, or on the playground that you can tell are deliberately trying to tear stuff up - we have that kid. She is so sweet, when it comes to everything except her toys! Last night, I was on the couch using the laptop to work on some Pampered Chef stuff, when Coco rang the bell to go outside. I get up and let her out and come back into the living room, to see this:

This used to be a hot pink canvas bone.

She managed to rip the canvas apart and completely shred it. Then she got the inner casing busted open and started tearing the fuzz out of it! She managed to strow those little strings all over the living room.
It took me about half an hour to get all of those damn little strings! I finally got everything cleaned up and let her back in, and went to throw all of her mess away. When I came back to the living room, this is what I saw:
So sweet, isn't she? It makes it really hard to be mad at her, for long!
So, I made a trip to the pet store (yes, the practically know us by name in there), and picked something else up for her.
There were so many cute toys, but practically all of them are filled with something. Since those don't seem to fare well in our house, I picked up the only thing that I could find that might have a fighting chance:

Howdy folks, there's a new fish in town! He has a tennis ball body and his fin is just canvas, and not stuffed with anything.

Is this not the saddest little face? It's almost like he knows something about his destiny!

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Anonymous said...

that girl is trouble! Did you see how cute she looked sitting on that pillow?