Friday, March 27, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1. Do you prefer to write with pen or pencil? Pen – unless it’s a card, then I prefer to write with Sharpie Ultra Fine point markers. - I have all the colors and I like to coordinate with the color of the card and/or note that I am sending! I know - OCD. 2. What was off limits to you growing up that you do all the time now? Using “glasses” – we had ceramic tile in the kitchen and my mom was always afraid that we would drop a glass and crack the tile so we only used plastic glasses (except for holiday dinners). I have plenty of both glass and plastic cups, so you can have your pick, but you don't HAVE to use plastic! 3. What is the age difference between you and your spouse? He is 11 months older. 4. Did you hurt yourself in anyway this week? Yes! As to not wake Darren in the morning when I am getting ready for work, I have started getting ready in our guest bathroom. It has a bathtub/shower combo with a sliding glass door (instead of a shower curtain), anyhow I slipped when getting into the shower, and hit my leg on the metal part that the door slides back and forth on, and now I have a black and purple bruise on the inside of my calf, about the size of my fist. It’s not pretty! 5. Do you like wallpaper enough to hang it in your home? Not a big wallpaper fan. I kind of like borders and such, but I don’t know if I would ever put them up - maybe in a nursery or something. 6. What do you need to do that you’ve been putting off? Re-finish the cabinets in the kitchen. I look at them every day and tell myself that I am going to get started, but then I wind up sitting down and watching Real Housewives or Grey's - you know, something really productive! 7. What did you do this week that you wish you hadn’t? Maybe putting off re-finishing those cabinets?? 8. Did anything keep you up late this week? Darren gets home at 10:30, and then we sit down and eat dinner (I know, I know), then I pick up the kitchen and we put Coco to bed so we normally get to bed around 11:30-11:45, but this week he needed a haircut and he likes me to cut his hair right before his shower that he takes before he gets into bed – so I stayed up and cut his hair one night this week. After cutting it, and cleaning up the mess – I got into bed about 12:15 in the a.m. For more Grilling Goodness, visit Golden Goodness!

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Anonymous said...

So brave! DH has fired me from cutting his hair AND has told me that I can't cut my baby pork chops either! Both times I have tried, we ended up having to shave it all off.

BTW - you need to finish your cabinets ;)