Friday, March 20, 2009

A Toy Terror!

Normally, I run to Petsmart on my way home from work, to pick up Coco's food, and of course - I normally pick up a "surprise" while I'm there, because she is such a good girl. Well, last week we were running dangerously low on dog food, so Darren offered to run and pick some up before he went to work. He said "well, you buy her all kinds of stuff and I never get her anything, so I got her some toys while I was there". How sweet! He is such a good daddy! So, this is what dad brought her home:

He said that they had a three pack (pink, blue and a white one with flowers) for $9.99, so he thought he would see how she liked them. And oh, how she did! Darren gave her the white one first, Of course, like any "kid" it was her new favorite toy - she didn't play with any other ones. She took that thing everywhere with her! After a couple of days, I started noticing "fuzz" around the living room - and I realized that it was coming from her new little friend. Then a day or so later - I started seeing a LOT of fuzz. So, I took it away from her. Mysteriously, she wound up with it again, early in the week. She had taken it outside with her and must have been playing with it all morning, while her dad was inside. He apparently, just put her up when he went to work, and when I came home and let her outside, I saw fuzz ALL over the backyard. When I asked her what happened, this is the response I got:

She looks innocent, doesn't she? She is getting really good at that face, not that I believe it at all.

Maybe she thought if she stood in front of it, I wouldn't see it.

See her handy work? I told her to bring her toy to me. And she just dropped it and I know she was thinking "please, please don't take it away again"
Look at the poor thing! She has shown it no mercy!

This is where its back leg USED to be! She just about has this front leg off. You know, to match the other front leg she has ripped off. This one here - or the one that used to be here!

And this is its neck. Or lack there of, rather.

When I asked her "what did you do to this poor thing Coco?", she grabbed it and ran and laid down and got back to work!
I know I should probably take it away from her, but she loves it so much and she was so upset when I took it the last time. I don't know if she got it off the table or if her dad felt bad and gave it back to her. Either way, I think I will let her keep it. After all, she just got it "broken in"!


Heather said...

lol. that's great. i've had to perform "surgery" on some of my cat toys because they just go crazy. so far the stitches have held up.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you that dog is too precious. Can our household babysit her sometime. . .you know to break her into kids?