Friday, March 6, 2009

What a Bargain!

Fall is my absolute favorite season and I love to bake, so when I went into Williams Sonoma and saw the large pumpkin pan, I fell in love. Then I ran into Sur La Table and saw this, and was even more in love. But, my growing frugality won and I didn't buy either (much to my husband's surprise). I check both stores websites often, for sales - you know, just in case and guess what? I found the darling mini-pumpkin pan at Sur La Table was on sale (clearance, rather) for $4.99! Yes, you read that right! It was originally $30 and now it's only $4.99! So, I did what any other woman would do - I ran to my car to grab my purse (I know, I know) and I ordered that thing! I can't wait until it comes in. The only part that sucks is waiting until fall to use it!

Aren't those little pumpkin cakes it makes, just adorable?


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I love it! I wonder if you could make bread in and serve soup in a bread bowl?

Anonymous said...

why are you going to wait until fall? it's too cute to wait to use it. we made pumpkin pie this weekend and it was yummy!