Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday!

I've mentioned a couple of times how I have a REALLY hard time keeping up with my camera cord (you know, the one that comes in so handy when you want to actually upload your pictures). In fact, a couple of weeks ago, after I gave the Bargain Bridal Shower, I couldn't upload my pictures because I couldn't find my cord. I searched everywhere! I griped and moaned and complained and finally broke down and bought another cord. And as luck would have it (because that's how things go), I found it in the console of my car that very same day. Now, besides the annoyance of having just paid $15 for a new cord that I now have to return, I cannot for the life of me figure out what made me put the damn thing in the console to begin with! Hmmm! Anyhow, after explaining my camera cord woes to a fellow co-worker, she told me about this flash drive that has ports for camera cards, you just plug into your computer and upload away! No more cords! It's so small, you can just put it on your keychain! So, I set out to look for said device. I didn't find it at Best Buy, where she bought hers, and I didn't find it at Target so I went searching online and I found it at a place called Accessory Geeks, for a mere $10.99!

I ordered it, and it came in, in less than a week for virtually no shipping - all together I paid like $13.00, and although I'm not going to put it on my keychain, it is small enough to fit in my camera bag, so now - I have my camera, extra batteries, and an uploading device - all in the same place. That my friends, works for me! Now, I just have to remember to take my camera with me! :)

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