Thursday, March 5, 2009

Will You Accept This Rose? Oh wait, nevermind, can I have it back? I meant to give it to her!

Ok, so most of you have watched The Bachelor, After the Final Rose by now, so you know that Jason broke Melissa’s heart. First of all, this makes me mad because I was rooting for Melissa. I really liked her. She seemed like a really great, down-to-earth girl from TEXAS, so of course – she had my vote. Up until Monday night, she had Jason’s too. Then, on national television – he broke up with her and asked Molly (the girl he didn’t pick at the last rose ceremony) for a second chance. Melissa gave him the ring back and called him a bastard (which I think he deserved), and after the commercial, he is will Molly and life is great again. I have many issues about this whole situation, but my biggest problem is that he apparently “fell in love” with two different women, at the same time. Which, I have major issues with. I mean, I fell in love with my now-husband very quickly – I knew after about a month and a half – so I can get with you on the fast-paced romance. What I don’t understand is feeling those strong feelings for two people at the same time. Once I fell for Darren that was it. There was no thinking about other people, wondering about other men, etc. I was in love with him, and that was it!

My second issue is, after he let Molly go and cried about losing her – he gets down on one knee and proposes to Melissa! For arguments sake, let’s say that he was that conflicted – why the hell did he propose? He could have just picked her and they could have seen how things went! Ok, I am a big believer in following your heart and that it doesn’t always end up how you think it will, or how you plan it to. I also understand in the mix of all of that, sometimes people get hurt. That’s almost always unavoidable, as much as I hate it. I can even deal with that – what I can’t deal with is doing it on National television and then picking your “runner-up” five minutes later and acting like you just didn’t make a complete freaking idiot of yourself and break someone’s heart!

Then I got to thinking – why is it ok for him to propose to Melissa, then break her heart and dump her on national television, get the ring back and then go for girl number 2 in all of half an hour, and it’s not okay for Brad Womack not to pick either girl! At least he was up front and said that he didn’t love either one of them enough to marry them! There was no leading on or proposals and promises of forever – he knew he couldn’t give them that and he told them that – up front! So, he is shunned and everyone thinks he is the biggest jerk in the world and they let Deanna bad mouth him all over the place, but Jason is a saint? I don’t quite understand that one! As much as I am upset about what became of Melissa and Jason and the way things were handled – I am quite sure I will be tuning in on May 18th to watch the premiere of The Bachelorette! I mean, how cute is Jillian?

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