Monday, October 25, 2010

Frame One is Finished

A couple of weeks ago, I started with some recycled picture frames and started transforming them into something "new".

I have this idea, in my head, of what I want Bridgett's baby shower to look like. I'm hoping, if we can find everything that I want to get - we can make it look like that. I want to have the table tops covered with brown butcher paper and have some bandanas as toppers. I'm planning on using a card table for the sign in table. It will be a relatively small table, but I don't want it to look "empty" so we'll have a flower arrangement, the guest book that I made and I wanted to display a few pictures. I started with the three recycled frames and decided to spray paint two of them red and the third (middle sized frame) black. I thought that it would be nice to display an ultrasound picture in the smallest frame, so that's what I started with:

This is an ultrasound picture of Clayton at 20 weeks. It's the day they found out he was a boy! I cut it out and used a piece of denim style scrapbook paper as a mat.

It looked a little plain, so I searched around until I found some black cardstock.

I cut it down until it was about half an inch larger than the denim paper, all the way around.

And then I used my spray adhesive and glued it down.

It still needed a little something so I found some metal brads and went to work!

In hindsight, I probably should have measured around the oval and made the spacing between brads more precise, but I didn't - so they are a little uneven.

I went all the way around the oval with large brads and then I punched little holes (with my xacto knife) for smaller brads.

This is what the back looked like, once I got all of the brads in place and secured.

Once I got all of the brads on, I wanted to add a little jute to give it some more texture. I just added a small amount of hot glue around the border of the denim paper and pressed the jute down, until it made a frame.

This is the "picture" completely done.
I made sure I cleaned the glass of the frame really well and then I stuck it in the "new" red frame.

And this is the first of the three - all done. I think it will tie in well with the baby shower colors and look good on the sign-in table. They also match the theme of Clayton's nursery if she and can be used in his room. I bought little "plate" stands that look like black rope at Hobby Lobby to display them on.
I'll be finishing up the second red frame sometime this week. Check back soon! Happy Crafting!


Melissa Miller said...

Morgan that is so pretty! What a precious idea. You are very creative and talented. I love the pop of red too.

Happy week! ~Melissa :)

Amanda said...

Wow, Morgan! That one looks really good! You are really creative!! Can't wait to see the next ones!!

Barrow Family said...

You have the best ideas!!! I am amazed at all of your creativeness