Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Toes

Last year, I saw this adorable jar of "Turkey Toes" online at a children's boutique called "Chasing Fireflies". I wanted to get one for my nephew, but I saw it just a few days before Thanksgiving and didn't think it would get here in time, so I made him one.

It was so quick and easy and I really liked how they turned out, so I decided to make a couple of more jars this year.

I just made the little labels on my computer and printed them on regular white copy paper.

I gathered all of my supplies - jar, labels, ribbon, cardstock, hot glue gun (and you'll need candy corn).

I glued one of the labels to the top of the lid.

And then took another label, and glued it to cardstock.
I used a scalloped scrapbook punch to embellish it a little.

Helpful hint: If you turn your scrapbook punch over, you can see exactly where your paper will be and what your "border" will look like - instead of a trial and error thing.
It comes out looking like this. A lot cuter than just a regular label, don't you think?
Then I put a thin strip of hot glue down the seam of the jar and press plain brown ribbon onto it. I leave a little extra so that I can fold the ribbon over the lip of the jar, so that the ribbon will stay in place, even when you go to open it. I really didn't like that about the original version - you have to take the ribbon off to open the jar.
Then, I hot glued the label to the top of the ribbon.
Then I took orange and white polka dotted ribbon and tied a bow around the neck of the jar. I hot glued it in place and then cut the ends of the ribbon so they weren't just straight.
And the label up close. The entire label was made by "hand" in word on my computer. The candy corn feathers are clip art, and the wording is word art - other than that - I made everything. I really like the brown and white polka dotted border right before the cardstock.
Just a note: If you plan on making this craft next year - get your candy corn before Halloween. I did not and D and I wound up going to a grocery store, 3 CVS stores, a Walgreens, Wal-Mart and 3 dollar stores. All I wound up finding was 2 bags of candy corn (hence the half full jar). I talked to my sister while she was at the grocery store and she picked up candy corn from the bulk bins at Kroger. The only problem with that? It's $7 per pound and each of those jars holds a pound! So, if you want to keep this craft cheap - buy the candy ahead of time!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Amanda said...

Morgan, they are just too cute!! Your nephews are so lucky to have a cool Aunt like you!!

Kellie Staats said...

I'm going to need you to update your blog. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This turned out so awesome! Can you provide the template for the labels?