Monday, November 8, 2010

Adding a Few Details to the Country Sign In Book

The baby shower is this weekend and I have pretty much everything finished (except for the third picture frame) so I wanted to go back and add a few details to some things. I think that the difference between a good shower and a great shower is in the details. I went back to the country sign-in book, and took it apart again. I got the idea that I could undo some of the pages and run them through the printer and it would look nicer than having someone hand write info. in there.

I used "Rope MF" font in the book. I started the first page off by just adding basic information about the shower, in red.

Then, I made sure that all the special ladies that were hostesses for the shower were recognized, and since its in print - Bridgett can always remember the ladies that made this day so special for her.

Then, I went through and titled about 10 of the pages with "Guests" so her guests would know where to sign in.

And since we're also going to write down what she receives, in this book, I marked the next pages with "Gifts".

I reserved the last few pages for anyone that wanted to give her any special advise or well wishes.

And I included one of my favorite scriptures. I'll share with you the other last minute things I have been busy with, later this week! Happy Monday!

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Amanda said...

Wow, Morgan! That really looks good!! I can't wait to see all of your hard work Saturday!