Monday, November 15, 2010

Western Baby Shower

Bridgett's baby shower was Saturday, and I can honestly say - it was a huge success. We got a lot of compliments on how everything looked and how much fun every one had and she received a LOT of gifts so I think all-in-all, we had a great shower.
Unfortunately, I was having camera issues but one of the hostesses, Amanda (of Matthews Photography) had brought her camera to take pictures and she let me borrow some. So, all of these pictures are courtesy of her.

The sign-in table

This is the corsage that Bridgett wore. My mother in law made it. The "roses" are actually baby socks - it was so adorable.

The day they found out Clayton was a boy.

A poem about being a mother.

A maternity picture. We used brown butcher paper to cover all of the tables and then used red and blue bandanas as toppers. We used a couple of hay bales as accents and one busted up hay bale (instead of confetti).

We used the diaper cake as the display on the main guest table. The diaper cake (made by my mother in law, Jackie Fountain)

The favors and the cake. The favors were little coyboy boots filled with red and blue tulle and m&ms. The bandana print gift tags read "Thank you for helping Andy & Bridgett welcome Clayton Robert into the world". Close up of the cake. It was made by Cakes Du' Jour in Center, TX. The top layer was a yellow cake, the middle cake was marble and the bottom cake was chocolate and they were all absolutely delicious.
The boots on top are Clayton's.

Some of the food. We layed everything out on the bar - chili and all the fixings. The high for the day was 62, so everyone loved the warm chili!

One of the maternity pictures, by Matthews Photography.

Another maternity picture.
The glider and ottoman was a gift from her parents. My father in law and husband put it together the night before the shower and loaded it up so that she could sit in it while opening presents.
I think the best idea I've ever had is buying and bringing a laundry basket with me. As she opened, we had one person taking pictures, I wrote down what she received and from whom, her Aunt folded all of the tissue paper (yes, I'm one of those people) and then we had a younger girl folding the clothes and putting them in the laundry basket and all of the hangers in one bag.
That way, when she got home - she could just take the basket to the laundry room and wash them before putting them up and she could either keep or throw the hangers out.
It was nice and easy and it made clean up go a whole lot quicker!

Bridgett made the blanket for Clayton's nursery.

The gift table.

And since we ran out of room on the table, we used the floor. We used jute and then ribbon to make clotheslines for some of the clothes that the grandparents bought. More clothes and a "Cowboy" sign for his room!

I was very pleased with how the shower turned out and I think everyone had a great time! Now, it's time to start working on the next one! A dear friend of mine is pregnant and I've been asked to help with her shower. It's in January so I have some time off before I have to get crackin'!

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Amanda said...

The shower turned out wonderful! You did an amazing job and you should be very proud of yourself!