Thursday, November 4, 2010

Second Frame - Completed

I picked up where I left off on the second frame for Bridgett's baby shower. I decided that I wanted to put a poem about being a mother in the frame instead of a picture. I looked online and found the following:

I printed it with "rope" font, although its kind of hard to tell. I decided that I didn't like it on white, so I re-printed it on red cardstock.

Then, I took my paper cutter and trimmed it down so that it was just about half an inch smaller than the black cardstock, all the way around.

It fit well, but I didn't want to just leave it plain so I decided to get out a few more eyelets.
I punched the eyelets at all four corners. This took a little more force because it had to pierce through two layers of cardstock.

I got them all fastened and then decided to add a little something to the top.
I added a small bow with hot glue, that I made out of the Real Leather Craft Lace.
Then I got the glass cleaned off and it put into the frame. Sorry about the glare and my hands in the picture. It's the best one I could get. The first and second frames all done and ready to go! Now, all I have to do is (start and) finish the last frame.


Amanda said...

Girl, you are creative!! I absolutely love it!! And, I really love the poem that you used!

~G~ said...

Those look wonderful! Bridgitte has a WONDERFUL sister~in~law!