Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tell Me About It Tuesday - My Siblings

I am the middle child, of three girls. I have an older sister (4 years older than me) named Melanie and a younger sister (2 years younger than I am) named Meredith.

Meredith, Melanie and my mom (Melissa) July 2010
Melanie and Meredith at my house for Easter 2010
It's kind of funny but Melanie is a natural blonde, I'm a natural brunette and Meredith is a natural red head. (Both of my parents are natural brunettes - but my mother had died her hair red for like 20 years)
Melanie Leigh Martin
Melanie is more reserved than Meredith and myself. It takes her a little longer to feel comfortable and start mingling with people that she doesn't know but she is more apt to be sociable when there are some people (like family) around. She is easily embarrased and turns bright red when she is. She doesn't think we realize it but she (pretends to) yawn when you tell her something she doesn't want to hear. She always asks for your opinion but has a hard time accepting it (hence the yawn). She is much more cautious than the rest of us and thinks about things for a long time before she makes decisions. She's a worrier. She is very smart and good with numbers. She is goal oriented and can see the bigger picture. Even though we're grown she still calls Meredith and I "the little kids" sometimes when talking to mom and I think its sweet. She still worries about us and wants to protect us and "keep us safe". She isn't a very patient person but is a wonderful mother and is raising a son that's going to grow up to be exactly like her. She takes after my dad the most, and is so stubborn! She cares way too much what people think of her but she's a caring, generous person and a loyal friend. She's funny and a joy to be around and I couldn't ask for a better big sister!

Melanie and her husband, Roy

Melanie and I at Mer's wedding October 2009

Melanie, Meredith and I

Meredith Page Abke
Meredith is the most outgoing of all of us. She is more reserved than she used to be, but she can still get pretty roudy at times. She's also very smart and good with numbers. She has a bit of ocd and even balances her checkbook to the penny (and uses white out if necessary)! She is funny and a huge smart alleck. She is thoughtful and giving but also lacks a lot of patience. She is a good combination of both of our parents. - Stubborn and hardheaded and giving. She used to be a little selfish, but she has grown out of that. She's an extremely loyal person and a good friend. She is very driven and when she sets her mind to something, there is no changing it. She's always very put together and loves to shop! She tries to be strong, but I think she's the most emotional out of all of us. She has a harder time dealing with difficult things and often removes herself from the situation. She has always resented us calling her "the baby". She is a hard worker and wants to take care of everyone. She is extremely organized. She's funny and loud and always a blast to be around and I'm so glad that I can be her big sister.

Meredith and I at my 25th Birthday dinner July 2007
Meredith and her husband, Cole
I am incredibly lucky to have the sisters that I have. When we're all in the same room together, we all seem so different but we somehow manage to all "get" each other and have stayed really close, through going to college, coming back, moving, marrying, children, etc. I hope that we can always maintain such a great relationship. These girls are two of my very best friends and I love them both dearly!

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Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing about your sisters! I think the three of you sound alike in a lot of ways!!