Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nursery Furniture

D started putting Denver's nursery furniture together last week. Coco helped the whole time!
I got a ecru terry cloth changing pad cover and put it on and then we had bought him a little white lamb that rattles before we knew he was a he, and I have it up on his table (for now). I have filled a couple of baskets with his bath stuff, and his towels and wash clothes. I have the other baskets on order (they only had 2 in the store). Then, I'll get to organizing the rest of his stuff.
I did get his "coming home" outfit and blanket out and hang it up on the side of his changing table. I need to wash it but I'm still waiting to get a more accurate account of how big he is, just in case we need to return this one and get the size bigger.
D and I decided on this outfit because it is SO soft and sweet and thought a cute, chubby little baby would look adorable in it. And...because it was the very first thing that we bought when we started talking about trying to have a baby - over 2 years ago! It has been folded and put up in a box and has waited a LONG time to get put to use. We can't wait to put it on our baby boy!
And then D got the crib put together. It's a convertible one that goes all the way up to a double bed, and it has a drawer under the crib, where I have all of his blankets washed and folded and ready to wrap up a baby. :) I can't wait to bring him home and let him see his room (he won't actually be using the bed for awhile, I'm going to put him in a cradle next to our bed first).
We still have to get some stuff cleared out of his room (we've been storing extra furniture and stuff in there for the last 2 years), before D can put the dresser and glider together.
But, it's coming together. Slowly, but surely!

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