Friday, July 29, 2011

Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Because the school is full of germs, I wanted Mer to have some hand sanitizer on her desk, that would look cute with the rest of her stuff.
So, I went to the dollar store, got a bottle and came home and scraped the label off. Then I got out some black vinyl and the remainder of the red ribbon that I had used on her other projects. I got on my Silhouette software and made something up really quick. I just measured the bottle first to make sure that I had enough room to put what I wanted. I used the same font as I have for all of her projects (Andrea Karime downloaded from
The process was the same as adhering vinyl in all of the other projects I have done. Then I tied a small bow around the top to give it a little color. I thought it needed something else so I loaded up some white vinyl and started playing around.
I wound up just making brackets for each side of the font. Just to add a little white, and to mimic the shape that I used on the classroom jars. All in all, this project was SUPER cheap and took less than 10 minutes to make. I think it will be a cute (and useful) addition to her desk.

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