Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've been having horrible, sharp back pain that shoots down into one side of my butt and down through the back of my thigh for awhile now - a little over a month or so. It has progressively gotten worse. It's the worst when I try to go from a sitting to standing position but I hurt when I sit for very long, or stand for very long and bending over is almost unbearable. The only time it doesn't hurt (too bad) is when I am laying down. Rolling over and getting in and out of bed tend to be quite painful too.

A couple of weeks ago at my 7 month check up, I talked to my Dr about it and he told me that it was pregnancy induced sciatica and other than trying to take it easy and alternating heat and ice, there wasn't a lot that I could do. He recommended trying to take it as easy as possible and to keep my feet propped up as much as I could.

Well, because "life" happens - things don't always work out like that and the pain has only gotten worse and it is now combined with some numbness. This is all on my right side. Combined with the numbness of my left arm and hand - I've been in a good amount of pain with this precious (growing) baby boy!

At my 30 week check up today, I was in tears trying to get up and down off the exam table, even with D's help. I was in so much pain. The Dr said that more than likely, without significant "down time" it would only get much worse until Denver arrives, so he started my maternity leave yesterday and put me on moderate bed rest. Of course, if it continues to get worse, the bedrest will be increased but for now - he just wants me off work and to have the opportunity to put my feet up as much as possible.

So, for now - I'm at home, trying to take it easy and prepare for my big, healthy baby boy!

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Amanda said...

I'm so sorry for all your pain and that you aren't getting to enjoy all this more. I really hope the down time helps a lot!!