Monday, July 18, 2011


A few recent pictures of our sweet girl...
She never lets an opportunity to take a nap pass her by!
Here she is trying to get me to share my dinner with her (which I do almost every night)! I know I shouldn't but my goodness look at that face. I feel SO guilty if I don't and she knows it! She totally knows how to work me!
This is what I come back to when I get up and go to the bathroom at night. She sleeps on D's side of the bed at night, but she loves to be extra close and she thinks she needs to be on my side. I'm constantly scooting her back to "her" side. When I got up she was on her side, when I came back - she was on my side. Notice how she wouldn't look at me, like that was going to make me not notice that she was on my side! She is such a priss! I had to push her back over to her side and before I could get back in bed, she had gotten up and gotten as far back over as she could. I had pretty much no room! It's hard to get mad when all she is trying to do is snuggle with you! Isn't she the sweetest thing?

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