Saturday, July 9, 2011

There She Blows

Last week, we got a little rain (thank goodness). But I mean very little rain - maybe 45 minutes. But, the wind got so crazy it was a little scary. We heard that hail came down just a couple of miles from us. We had a tree in the front yard that was uprooted. Thankfully, no one or no cars were hurt when it came up out of the ground. As much as we hated to see it destroyed - D was so excited that he'd have an excuse to get his chainsaw out.

This is him getting started cutting it down. You can see it wasn't a huge tree but it wasn't a twig either. I just couldn't believe it came out of the ground.

Can you see D's little helper? One word - nosey! :) The good thing that came out of it - D will be able to use the pecan wood to BBQ with. That made him almost as excited as getting to use the chainsaw!

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