Friday, July 15, 2011

Nursery Plate

Last week I had a bit of time before meeting some friends for dinner so I ran into Hobby Lobby to kill some time. I got to looking around and was trying to think of something cute (and cheap) that I could make for Denver's room.
Back in the ceramics section, I found a cute little plate that was originally $3.99, but that was 50% off, and then I found a roll of Owl ribbon that was 50% off .99 cents, so I picked that up as well. Sadly, scrapbooking materials were not on sale, but I picked up some clear stickers nonetheless. My idea was to make a cute little plate to sit on a plate stand on his dresser.
These were my supplies. The ribbon doesn't really fit, so I had to fold it in half to get it to fit through the slots in the plate. I just played around with it until I could see the patterned side instead of the plain side of the ribbon, and then tied a simple bow. This is the sticker up front.
Although it was cute and I got some compliments on it, I decided that I didn't like it so I took the sticker off. And I was left with this. I decided to get my Silhouette machine out and cut something out of vinyl. I am very new to this machine, and I know I did something wrong, but I wound up having to place all of the letters one at a time, by hand, instead of just "rubbing" them off of the adhesive. This process was VERY time consuming. I'm talking about 4 hours worth of time consumption, but I'm on maternity leave so I have a little bit of time on my hands! I would never have spent that much time on a project if it wasn't for my sweet baby boy! :)
I finally got all of the letters placed and the acorns placed, but they were really too big and I had really wanted to put a oak leaf on there too, so I wasn't entirely thrilled.
So, I took the big acorns off and cut out little tiny acorns, but then the bottom looked a little bare.
So, I cut out an oak leaf but then the other side seemed like it needed something.
So I added a leaf to the other side, and liked it. But then someone suggested that I flip one of the leaves so they weren't both facing the same direction and I did. But I didn't really care for it. So, I asked D what he thought. And he liked this one the best. So, this is what we're going with! Now, I just have to go back and get the plate stand that I forgot last trip and then I'll be able to set it on his dresser. You know, when we get his dresser put together! :)

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kimberly dyan said...

That's so cute Morgan! You're talented! :)