Saturday, April 14, 2012


Spring in Texas is marked by the appearance of bluebonnets. D & I look forward to them every year although we've only managed to go to The Bluebonnet Festival and take pictures in them once.

We always look forward to seeing all the pictures of our friends' children in the bluebonnets & couldn't wait to take Denver to see them and take pictures!

He had to get ready by taking a nap first!

He woke up, got dressed and away we went.

He got sick in the car and so we stopped and he sat up front with me and got cleaned up while Dad cleaned up the carseat.

We got everything cleaned up and away we went!

He fell asleep on the way there and we had to wake him to get him out of the car so he was a little out of sorts during our visit but here are some pics nonetheless!

First, he wanted to eat them.

Then for a while he just sat and stared at them.

Then he just looked at us like "what is all of this?"

He was very interested in trying to get a hold of a few of them.

He wanted to pick them so badly!

We didn't let him pick any (or rip them out of the ground is more like it) so he just bent them over and played with them in his lap.

We never could get him to smile but it was so fun to watch him trying to figure them out.

He loved the wind blowing in his face on the way back to the car. It was so cute because he got so tickled he was just laughing and laughing!

After the bluebonnets we stopped at Chili's for a late lunch and he ha a blast! He's a people watcher for sure.

He sat beside daddy for awhile and Daddy fed him his lunch.

Isn't he the sweetest little guy?

After lunch we headed to a little bookstore that I like to sell my books at. You get a store credit to buy more used books so I used some of the credit to buy Denver a few books. We're in desperate need of a new bookcase - this little guy's is filling up fast!

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