Friday, April 20, 2012

Stomach Bug

Well, Denver got sick again this morning and woke up with a cough so I called the Drs office and got him appointment for this morning.

He threw up again this morning so I got him all cleaned up and bathed and then he wanted to go back to sleep so I just put him down in our bed.

This is how he sleeps now - on his side. Isn't he sweet? I just hate when my boy doesn't feel well.

D took him to the Dr while I stayed with Marleigh. The Dr said that he just had a stomach bug that has been going around our area and it is sometimes hard to tell teething babies have something because so many of them have some of the same symptoms while they are teething.
He also said that his cough was due to a weakened immune system because of the bug. He said that his lungs are still weak and we'll probably have issues like this for awhile when Denver gets sick.

He gave us something for his stomach and told us to start breathing treatments again until Denver stops wheezing.

He took his medicine at lunch time and he still acted like he didn't feel well but he didn't get sick any more and he played a little.

They "talked" for awhile.

He had to get close to tell her a secret I guess. Every day, they seem to get a little closer. At first, she didn't want anything to do with him but she smiles and "talks" to him more everyday. It is so cute to watch them together!

This weekend is going to be pretty low key so that Denver can take his medicine and rest. Hopefully, we can get him to feeling better soon!

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