Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teething Sucks!

Denver's mouth is really bothering him. His gums are so tight and swollen and he has been so cranky the last few days. He isn't sleeping really soundly because he keeps waking through the night because of teething pain. So, he's extra cranky in the morning after breakfast. He needs a nap so bad but he is restless and grouchy so it's been taking a lot longer to get him to sleep and although I'd rather him lay in the bed or in a swing - this week I've let him sleep whereever he will actually sleep.
After almost an hour of fussing and fighting it - I rocked him to sleep. He woke up about 5 minutes later fighting me, so I put him down in this boppy pillow in the recliner next to me. He rolled on to his side and slept so soundly for a little over an hour.
This little face cracks me up. He hasn't smiled a bunch this week - you can tell he doesn't feel good, but I can't help but kiss all over those cheeks! Oh, how I love that little boy.
I introduced him to this little drum this week, and he loves chewing on the drumsticks more than anything. Occasionally, he'll actually hit the drum with them!
After nap time, I take the kids into Marleigh's room for new diapers and then it's usually time for Marleigh to eat. Denver is now getting into everything, so to make sure I can keep him out of stuff, I put him in her bed. He has a hard time seeing me, so he figured out he can bend down a little and stick his face up to the bars and see me between them. He thinks it's so funny, he'll just laugh and laugh. I'm hoping Denver can get over some of these teething issues so that he can get back to being his normal happy self.

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